Shayna D HERstory: Womens History Month Spotlight

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today’s gold rush of multi-media will stream in a wave of fresh pundits and personalities to document the cybernetic times ahead. Of those new voices, one in particular will help merge the landscapes between modern news and entertainment. Former Sirius XM radio host and burgeoning television reporter, Shayna D, will own said voice.

The New York City resident, by way of the San Francisco Bay Area, first fell in professional love as a Corporate Communications major at Baruch College. It was there where Shayna flourished as an On-Air personality and eventual Music Director for her Alma Mater’s very own WBMB Radio. It was also where Shayna learned that her handle on multi-media was ambidextrous. Shayna’s warm tone, thorough reporting and constant finger on the pulse of world news and pop culture revealed she was a winner for radio and TV stations alike. “I have a genuine curiosity about people and their story––what motivates them, inspires them, sustains their drive,” says Shayna D. “That’s what intrigued me about the interviewing process. Like any love of yours, it was a natural attraction as well as a natural progression from traditional radio hosting.”

Since acquiring her very own show on WBMB (The Grind), Shayna later joined the Sirius XM radio ranks as a co-host and personality for Shade 45’s “VIP Saturdays.” Having interviewed an array of figures from reality TV (Ray J), rap (Lil’ Kim) to even her own media field (Sway Calloway), it’s no wonder that Shayna D has supplied Sirius XM’s premier Saturday night show with an awareness many hip-hop programs lack. But her impact isn’t restricted to the airwaves. Off-air, the Bay native empowers via her very own Diva Lounge, a monthly NYC event where progressive women of all walks of life gather to strengthen and share resources. While many give once they’ve received, Ms. D gives back while she receives.

The bright future of Shayna D illuminates inevitable producer and correspondent titles for any of your favorite entertainment or news networks. The sky’s the limit and if Ms. D has it her way, she’ll be carrying on the legacy of the legends of her field––channeling the fluidity of a Barbara Walters when interviewing her listener’s favorite subjects or masterfully catering to the demands of niche markets like a Wendy Williams. The primacy for your next favorite media personality, Shayna D, will balance the precision of television broadcast and the intimacy of the airwaves, all while leaving her listeners better than they were before tuning in. “It’s really important to me to use the platform that I have to educate people while I’m entertaining them. Breaking new records that my listeners are dying to hear, is as important to me as providing them with information, resources and dialogue on serious issues, whether political or social.”

When asked why it is important to celebrate our histories she says, “Celebrating women of the past and present is both a great reminder of all of the contributions we’ve made to the world and what we’re capable of achieving.  Seeing women like Helen Keller and Rosa Parks make such an impact on history by overcoming adversity reminds us that any and everything is within our reach.”

For more information on Shayna D, The Diva Lounge and The Diva Lounge Radio, visit For the most up to date information on The Diva Lounge events happening across the country follow @TheDivaLounge.

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