PNB Life: Your’e Still Amazing, Fight Bullying!

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Going to the movie theaters to see bully was inspirational. In the movie two young boys committed suicide because they were being bullied by other kids at school. The schools did NOTHING at all to avoid the situation, in fact they just ignored the reports and kept on with their day. I never saw someone in my school get bullied, thank God. No one has the right to bully any one, because of their color, race, sexual orientation, or actions.

When I was younger, I was bullied by the person who I now call my best-friend. It turns out, she was trying to look cool and tough in front of the other kids. She realized that bulling didn’t make everybody like her, instead it made everybody afraid of her. One day she apologized and we became friends. There is nothing right about bullying and that’s the message that needs to be sent across the whole world.

A Letter to Kelby Johnson on of the Stars of Bully!

Dear Kelby,

I went to see the film Bully with my Petals-N-Belles friends and mentors. All the stories were touching and sad, including yours. It amazed me that you were strong enough to stay in the same school, make a difference and set an example. I think your school and the entire town is wrong for treating you the way they have, your sexual orientation is personal and no one’s business. Staying at the same school shows that you are the bigger person. It also shows that you weren’t willing to give the people who were treating you like an outcast what they wanted, which was to get rid of you.

I have never been in a situation where I was a pariah, but I know it must feel terrible to be looked down upon or to be separated from the majority. If I was a student at your school, I would sit next to you, talk to you, and treat you the same way I treat everyone else. It made me extremely angry to see that you are being bullied just because of your sexual orientation. However, it was cool that the friends you have stood by you. They saw you the same way they see everybody else and treated you the same. Just know that you are no different, you’re an amazing beautiful person inside and out and no one should bring you down because of who you are. Never change for anyone, be your own brand and be happy because you deserve it Kelby.

Ps: In regards to real friends, keep in mind that 4 quarters is way better than 100 pennies.


Roshelle M. 

Petals-N-Belles Sparkle

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