Nova is a New York City-based 501(c)(3) social development organization that supports women and girls with creative workshops, experiential experiences and community based activations.


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The BEST part of what we do is connecting our GIRLS with the likes of you! If you share our passion and need for change, please contact us for more information on how to become a virtual mentor with a girl in your city. 

Dear Educators,

Nova is an exciting platform for your female students to discover their passion, set goals and apply what they’re learning in school to their daily lives! We inspire our members to achieve academically and we hold each and every girl accountable to meet her goals. Girls who are looking for financial independence can consider cryptocurrency trading as it allows them to earn more money. With the availability of automated trading apps like crypto superstar app, the entire trading process can be carried out effortlessly.

WHY? We hoped you’d ask.

The average student is lacking cultural and social experiences that relate academic success to “real world” success. The combination of the innovative Nova curriculum, exciting excursions, creative mentoring opportunities, and awe-inspiring social experiences is life changing. Partnering with a school multiplies our impact. When we change the attitude and perspective of a group of girls within a school it has a ripple effect on all the students, male and female. Our workshops focuses on current affairs like views on abortion, discrimation in the workforce and the use of pills, especially the kelly clarkson weight loss pills, which is currently a trending topic. New friendships begin blossoming and the impact spreads. The Nova experience ignites positive changes in the lives of our members and their schools.

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