Sneak Peak …

Petals-N-Belles programs are held weekly, over the course of 10 weeks.

*I Am Petals-N-Belles:

As an interactive series that serves as the preliminary program, GIRLS are welcomed to a NEW and exciting phase in their life. This onboarding and assessment period works to familiarize new-comers with the PNB culture, the organization as a whole, its values, best practices and the program’s expectations of the GIRLS.

*Dear prospective mentors, this program requires a two-hour weekly commitment over the period  of 10 weeks.

*The Petals-N-Belles Experience:

Following the introductory segment, members’ move to this PNB program that provides a general scope of what their experience at PNB will consist of. This program highlights personal values, self-esteem, relationship building, health & wellness, etiquette and so much more.

*The Health Effect:

This dynamic program explores topics including: mental, physical and sexual health. GIRLS are guided through in-depth workshops regarding their personal health, techniques to develop strong mental health, nutritious eating habits, exercise, STD awareness/prevention and safe sex practices.

*The Passion Project:

A vigorous program that allows GIRLS to exercise their creativity and business-savvy by building a product or service that they believe in. Focusing on creative problem solving, effective communication and leadership, each member of Petals-N-Belles will discover, develop and highlight their passion while learning what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

*Her Journey:

Is a unique program designed to forge a strong relationship between a young lady looking for extra guidance and a woman looking to contribute to the next generation of female leaders. Once a month, over the course of one year the GIRLS and their personal mentors will meet to delve into complex topics affecting women of all ages, such as self-love, healing and forgiveness, among others. Over the course of one year, mentees will learn from their mentors’ professional lives, personal experiences and unique models of success. This innovative program expands the discourse of female identity, while allowing both mentee and mentor to learn from each other and build a powerful partnership.

*Dear prospective mentors, this program requires a two-hour monthly commitment over the period  of 1 year.

Program Partner:


SERENE SOCIAL is a wellness and lifestyle community based in New York City, produced by women for women. The members of Serene have volunteered their time to participate in this awe-inspiring experience as mentors.

The Petals-N-Belles Simulation Initiative:

Ahh, before we blow you away, we would like to provide you with more information about our signature program… The Petals-N-Belles Simulation Initiative is a series of distinguished programs that replicate practical work environments, processes and systems. We provide real-world value to GIRLS through unique models that emulate the vast professional landscape they will encounter; this is what differentiates Petals-N-Belles programs. Although seemingly straightforward, lessons on how to cc a Director via e-mail or better yet, facilitate a conference call are both simple, yet vital skills a GIRL must have for a brighter future.


This niche Petals-N-Belles program connects GIRLS with dynamic professionals, while simulating everyday challenges, which simultaneously relates to their academic and social growth. This program draws a road map highlighting the significance of recognizing, prioritizing and seizing opportunities, the art of being detail oriented, awareness of current events and understanding the social constructs of one’s work environment. In an age where technology rules, “Face-Time” emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interactions, teaching girls timeless interpersonal skills.

*The Senior Project:

At Petals-N-Belles we adjust and create initiatives based on the needs of GIRLS. This program works with high school seniors in an effort to enhance their professional exploration and development. GIRLS are provided with an opportunity to uncover their interests and potential career paths. The GIRLS learn and practice interview skills through role-play in real-life work environments. A mock-networking segment introduces the GIRLS to the value of developing interpersonal relationships. When we recognize a growing need we create a platform that provides tangible skills to propel GIRLS forward!

Community Partner:


GIRLS visit Pandora Internet Radio New York City Headquarters twice during this program. They receive a tour of the facility, meet and greet with staff members and  participate in a professional boot camp that discusses the importance of etiquette and professionalism. Additionally, employees facilitate in-depth mock interviews where each GIRL is assessed and receives constructive feedback.