Tiffany Hawkins

Tiffany Hawkins, Board Member

With over seven years of public relations and media management experience, Tiffany Hawkins has developed a sharp eye for how to shape brand image and deliver key messaging using both traditional and new age practices. With an analytical background and zeal for creative high-end concepts, her ability to execute vigorously is fueled by a unique skill set and love for market insight. As a student of derivatives and statistics, she quickly set her sights on the analysis of ingesting and distributing influential communication through media, partnerships and experiential marketing. Something that she does very well, in her current role as Director of Public Relations for Footsteps Group, a full-scale marketing & advertising agency within the Omnicom family.

To date, her inventory of satisfied clients extends throughout the consumer, fashion, nonprofit, publishing, spirits, financial and sporting industries; providing communication strategy, media & public relations, event production and experiential marketing services.

Tiffany is a leader and influencer who operates in ongoing education and mastering one’s skill set. She works to grow talented and passionate people to a place of sustainable success and industry confidence. Although shy at heart, she blossoms with extreme confidence and success when it comes to nurturing and celebrating others in her beloved field of communication, media and branding. An assignment that she takes quite seriously in her ongoing role as Steering Committee Member for AdColor® and it’s widely known AdColor® Awards & Industry Conference.

In addition to dedication and achievement in the communications and media field, Tiffany devotes a considerable amount of time engaging teenage girls, giving them an opportunity to discuss issues—both large and small—with a trusted source that will not only offer advice and encouragement but a safe haven, when necessary.