PNB has a network of dedicated female mentors and volunteers, which include leading professionals from various industries. Our mentors recognize the importance of guiding, listening and nurturing young women and value the impact it will have on their lives and community as a whole. The PNB mentoring model emphasizes that The Key is not to dictate what our young women should or shouldn't do and focus on their perceived bad choices; The Key is to provide them with the tools needed to gain a more positive and beneficial perspective. PNB strongly believes that if you change a perspective, you change a life.

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Petals-N-Belles offers individuals, corporations, foundations and NGOs– an opportunity to participate in a program that ensures, not only the social and cultural development of young ladies but also a way of understanding their place in the world.

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    “You want to change the world, just change one girl’s life and that will have a ripple effect more powerful than you can ever imagine.” - Oprah

    “Every girl deserves encouragement, motivation and the opportunity to be heard.”

    “We encourage young women of all ages to dream, plan and strategize.”

    “PNB is dedicated to ensuring young women, social and cultural growth while inspiring them to dream.”