PNB believes education is the defining medium that will have a lasting impact on the lives of young girls. By combining standard practices of education with elements of entertainment and interactive activities, PNB encourages interest and continues to illuminate the minds of young girls.


PNB is dedicated to building and nurturing communities, creating a boundless cycle of compassion and involvement through its members, volunteers and network. Success is the work of many and stands on the sacrifices of those from present and past generations.


PNB believes that exposure to the world and its multitude of cultures, inspires an appreciation for humanity. We are strongly committed to providing opportunities which enables young girls to expand their knowledge of the world, multiple ethnicities, traditions and customs.


PNB promotes an environment of trust, honesty, respect and commitment. Important decisions are made each day that are a direct reflection of the relationships between individuals.


PNB is founded on moral and ethical principles that cannot be comprised; as a result our staff, board and members honor a code of values that can be used within and outside of the organization. Integrity is the personal honesty and character that only our heart sees.

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