Make A Mark

PNB has a network of dedicated female mentors and volunteers, which include leading professionals from various industries. Our mentors recognize the importance of guiding, listening and nurturing young girls and value the impact it will have on their lives and community as a whole. PNB strongly believes if you change a perspective, you change a life.

Our network of dedicated PNB Counselors who facilitate LOCKETS are known as “KEYS,” Petals-N-Belles believes all young girls have their own unique gifts, and personal greatness. All PNB KEYS make a personal commitment to their LOCKET, comprising of six mentees. Each KEY demonstrates their ability to unlock the gifts, talents, and dreams of each mentee while simultaneously insuring the mentee’s growth.

Petals-N-Belles provides each mentee with a “LINK” to the world! LINKS are professional and passionate women making their mark in the world, by impacting the life of one PNB mentee. LINKS are personal mentors that are matched with mentees according to the mentee’s interest, dreams, and professional aspirations. During a one year commitment, each LINK gives their mentees access to their professional life, personal experiences, and unique models of success.

Petals-N-Belles “ANCHORS” provide the informative dose of reality that every young girl needs. As professionals within the educational field, ANCHORS provide members with academic counseling, as they monitor each mentee’s educational lifestyle (the balance between learning in the classroom, and managing a fun and exciting teenage life). Through various assessments, interviews, and getting to know each mentee, ANCHORS provide a realistic forecast on the mentee’s desired profession, academic goals, and dreams.

Please contact us @ [email protected] to inquire about becoming a mentor today.
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