How We Work

Dear Educators,

Petals-N-Belles is an exciting platform for your female students to discover their passion, set goals and apply what they’re learning in school to their daily lives! We inspire our members to achieve academically and we hold each and every girl accountable to meet her goals. WHY? We hoped you’d ask.
The average student is lacking cultural and social experiences that relate academic success with “real world” success. The combination of Petals-N-Belles innovative curriculum, exciting excursions, creative mentoring opportunities, social advocacy projects and educational coaching is life changing. Partnering with a school multiplies our impact. When we change the attitude and perspective of a group of girls within a school it has a ripple effect on all the students, male and female. Our workshops and focus points become a trending topic. New friendships begin blossoming and the impact spreads. The Petals-N-Belles experience ignites positive changes in the lives of our members and their schools.

If your students fit the following descriptions they will benefit greatly from our program.

The leader is a student who excels academically but lacks support and guidance. This student may have a hard time socially and needs a boost of moral.

The performer is a student that acts out socially and lacks focus academically. This student may not be confident in their ability to achieve academically and needs a boost in self-esteem.

The novice student is typically a first generation American, whose academics may be suffering due to confusion and adapting to a new educational surrounding. The family of this student may have a hard time navigating the educational system and providing adequate assistance to the student.

The Partnership:

1. Introduction- Let’s meet and discuss your schools needs.
2. Pilot Program- Allow us to launch a Petals-N-Belles pilot program and assess the impact makes our work makes the lives of your students.
3. Launch the Partnership: Let’s work together to make a lasting impact in the lives of your students and school.
4. Celebrate and enjoy the impact!

Interested in finding out more? Contact us today via e-mail @ [email protected] or by phone 212.365.4862.


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