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Have you ever looked at pictures of your younger self and asked, “What was I wearing?” Though we may laugh out loud or even giggle in our heads,we remember why we wore that certain outfit.  It is not something we should be ashamed about, but it does help us understand ourselves in a much more intimate way.
Our style and our choices are significant to who we are as individuals.  How we brand and mold ourselves will undoubtedly determine how we are represented in the future. We may have worn a certain outfit as young girl because we thought that was the “cool thing” to do.  Or we may have worn it for different reasons. Regardless of the reason, our clothing proved to describe what type of person we were at that moment in time. At a younger age we might not have been able to come to grips with who we really are due to our naivete. Our style evolution though is a testament to our growth.
Next time you come across these pictures, just say to yourself; “I am happy I went through this phase, it has taught me alot.” The pictures may just prove how much you have grown as a person and what ways you can influence others by sharing your style evolution. Try it, go gather pictures of your younger self and share your comments with us!
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