Health Radar: Super Food, Super Hair!!

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What is a woman without nice healthy looking hair? We all want it and we all wonder how we can maintain the mane. The best way to maintain healthy hair is to pay attention to what you eat! Superfoods are the way to go when it comes to nurturing your look. Here are a list of a few foods that you should take a bite out of and make it a regular part of your diet! Enjoy!
·      Wild Salmon
·      Spinach
·      Beans
·      Nuts
·      Chicken
·      Eggs
·      Whole Grain
·      Carrots

Breakfast Time!

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Good morning! How do you start off your day . . . is it with a good breakfast???  Your morning is rushed with the daily routine of washing your face, taking the shower, make up and then out the door!!!  But heading out that door without energy from fuel like breakfast will impact the rest of your day!!!

Many people skip breakfast and make plans to “catch up” at lunch, but either life gets crazy and the hours pass by and no lunch becomes part of the day. When you sacrifice the benefits of breakfast, you sacrifice something much more, your HEALTH!!!  Many resources are out there to give you information on the benefits of eating breakfast and the other meals throughout the day such as Share Care and WebMD, to name a few. You can add these apps to your smart phone and also “like them” on Facebook to receive healthy messages. These sites remind us that women that are moderately active should only consume between 2,000 to 2,400 calories per day.

Starting with breakfast can be easy if you have simple items to pull from your kitchen such as box juices, boiled eggs, bagels and add the jam, yogurt, fresh fruit or a granola bar!!!  Slowly consume your calories throughout the day and keep your body energized, it helps you work smarter and healthier. Keep track of your caloric intake through apps for your smart phones such Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitness Pal.

So start your morning with breakfast and the rest of the day will be so productive with these first few minutes taken to add fuel to the mix. Wash the face, take the shower, put on the make but add the breakfast before running out that door!!! 

“A Night I’ll Never Forget” - LIMITLESS 2012

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It truly touched my heart to see how many people actually supported the program I love.” - Alannah B.

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