Fundraiser: Can We Count on You?

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Dear Friends and Supporters!

School is now back in session and we stand poised to continue, into our second year, fulfilling our mission and commitment to provide a mentoring experience that enhances and changes the lives of girls we have an opportunity to touch. But, as we stand on the horizon of a new year, we need your help to jump-start theb Petals-N-Belles fall program. Once again we will have 24 anxious young girls who are committed to unmasking their gifts, exercising their greatness, discovering their dreams and working towards achieving them. On September 4th we will launch the ‘Petals-N-Belles Friends and Family Care Campaign’ and work to raise $10K for our fall and winter programing. I am coming to you with this announcement because there is no one who believes in our mission and understands our impact more than you!

Now more than ever, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. It is necessary to continue the work of Petals-N-Belles. Your support pays for an experience that changes lives. Your support allows for effective mentoring and programs, which include educational and creative workshops, visits to corporate offices, cultural excursions, tutoring and educational coaching. All programs and experiences we offer at no cost to our girls or their families.

Please consider giving a gift to Petals-N-Belles today, by visiting indiegogo! Your gift, no matter the size, will help us to sustain Petals-N-Belles and welcome our mentees back for the 2012 fall program.

How will your contribution Help:

  •  $500 will support “1″ girl for the entire fall program.
  •  $300 will buy “24″ girls a ticket to watch an educational film and have a group discussion about the meaning and impact of the film.
  • $125 will buy  “5″ meals and cultural experiences for “5″ girls for the fall program.
  • $75 Covers an activity and a field trip for “3″ girls during the fall program.
  • $25 will buy materials (a binder, books and writing utensils) for “1″ girl for the entire fall program.

A huge thank you from the Petals-N-Belles team and mentees! 

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