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There are many conversations that never take place between loved ones. Communication is key to understanding an individual, their hopes, dreams, wishes and setbacks. Yesterday afternoon, I randomly called my Mother aka Pookie to tell her “I LOVE YOU”. Why? Just because.

When I think of Love|God, I know the closest thing to actually figuring out the truth is my mother. No one has ever made me feel more important, brilliant and beautiful. I can’t imagine a life without her and hope to pure all the love and wisdom she has given me into Petals-N-Belles.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship with her daughter Willow, has always peaked my interest. In the above clip, Pinkett’s mother expresses’ that she was not the best mom. I am positive it took a lot of courage, previous conversations and tons of healing for those words to roll off her tongue privately, let alone publicly.

I am looking forward to a beautiful mother’s day and encourage everyone to embrace spontaneity! Don’t wait until a national holiday to show your appreciation. The “Red Table Talk,” is an intimate conversation between three generations that I will be sure to tune into!

Happy Mother’s Day (a gift to mothers and daughters alike)!

Quotes To Digest:

 “The combination of the sun setting, a fire ablaze, the roar of a mighty lion and the tenderness of dew settling on a summer day. With the power to remove all doubt, fear and the common feeling “I am not enough,” allows me to gaze in the mirror with confidence.  It’s interesting how you create wonder, inspire imaginations to grow and demand respect not only for you… but for the world.  Your dreams expand as my dreams develop and you embrace every emotion I feel. My proudest moment yet to be, will be the moment I grant another what you have given me.”

I Love You Mom!


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