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I get it! Girls want to look GREAT! Unbeknownst to many, fashion is a huge part of etiquette…social etiquette. A few weeks ago, we did a session with our girls on decorum and social etiquette, the session was informative, fun and relevant.

Now that summer is here and the weather is beautiful, everyone is losing the layers and revealing more skin to stay cool. Here’s a quick Summer Fashion guide, for teens and young ladies! Be Fashionable, Classy, Funky and Cool!


Mini’s are cool but a little length goes a long way! You don’t have to wear a super short dress to show off your legs and tan. Find a classy medium! Here’s an example, I love this  Xoxo print dress. On sale now, at for $50.99.

Fashion Tip: Wear cool Prints!

Don’t be afraid of Length! If all of your dresses are short or knee length your style becomes very predictable. Maxi Dresses are trendy. Another great find from, junior section, $46.00.

Every young lady needs a cute dress that’s family friendly, parent approved and good for all occasions. Like this amazing yellow flutter sleeve dress $48 found at


Why soooooo short and why sooooo tight?? Try a high waist print skirt, with more length and match it with a cropped loose tee. Fun and Cute! At this point, you can tell I like Nordstrom’s, this skirt is $22.00… great price!


So many young women focus on being sexy and less on having FUN with what they wear!

Make a statement and tell the world who you are, by choosing clothes and outfits that vividly express your personality. The young ladies I mentor are energetic and fun. This top screams, I am fun & confident!


I love shoes, especially flats because they are soooo  comfortable. Walking in heels can be a challenge! The best transition and secret from sneakers to heels are….WEDGES! Wedges are comfortable, you don’t have to balance your weight on thin heels. I LOVE wedges because they are great in New York City, where the pavement and sidewalks have many surprises, that can make any stiletto professional take a dive. Steve Madden “Wissper Wedges” are super cute. Price$89.95.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. Many more to come! P.S. There is no perfect size or body type! Be yourself, be confident and make sure your character speaks more for you than your outfit!


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