PNB Life!: A Sushi Excursion

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My locket and I went to a Sushi Restaurant, and I realized that sushi is not just something fancy made from Japan, but it is also a very healthy meal. Personally, I always loved Sushi. Many people do not like it because it’s not a cooked meal. I used to think that way too.

I’m learning that being very open-minded is important. I like to try out new things! Asian, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cultures have shown me that their food has a very unique taste, and I value that. This also goes for other meals from different countries.Every country has special meals, that set their culture apart from others. I realized this when we learned what Sushi is made of, the background, and the ingredients behind these dishes. I was surprised to find out that although Sushi is made of raw meat, the meat goes through a process first. Did you know Sushi is either pickled, blanched, or soaked in sake (rice wine) and then frozen?

Once in a while, you should go out there and try something new. You can learn about a variety of foods and invite friends to gather around for a special event, and above all, it is HEALTHY. Eating sushi, can keep you away from junk food and greasy food. I had a great experience and I will always eat Sushi and will try many new dishes! Even though I was already a Sushi lover, I LOVE sushi even more because of all the information I learned in our session.

P.S. Sushi Samba was great!
Karen G. |Petals-N-Belles Sparkle| Age 17

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  1. Karen,

    Thanks for such a refreshing post! I hope everyone that reads it, becomes more open minded. Trying new food is fun!


  2. Yea Karen, it was great! Thanks for such good points on opening ourselves to trying new things! I agree with you it is something very powerful that makes us grow as human beings! Keep it on! :)




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