PETAL TO PETAL- An Intimate Summer Fundraiser!

Petals-N-Belles will host a summer evening fundraiser on Monday, August 8th, at The Hotel Chantelle Rooftop, located on the Lower East Side (92 ludlow Street). Attendees will include specially invited guests and millennial executives, young professionals, trendsetters and entrepreneurs in the art education, philanthropic, film, music, media, fashion, finance and advertising industries.

Enjoy a fun filled charitable evening and learn more about Petals-N-Belles programs, members and the many ways you can get involved!

Entry to the event is FREE and we have a wonderful evening in store.

Please RSVP at [email protected]. Attending this event will allow you to make an impact in the lives of 24 awesome young ladies! More Details to Come!

We look forward to seeing you there!




Amongst all of the key words and catch phrases used by my mother growing up, this word “excellence” is one that is now and forever will be embedded in the core of what makes me who I am. Excellence was a standard which, in our household, you were expected to live by. Excellence meant giving 100% and then doing 10, 20, 50 percent above that. Excellence was striving for perfection as if it were possible to attain. Excellence was never allowing myself to settle for good enough but for the best. Excellence was coming home with a 90% (A-) and having to explain to my mother how, on the next test or next grading period, that 90 could be 100. Excellence was hard. It was nights spent frustrated and in tears because I couldn’t understand why my mother pushed so much, so hard and was so relentless in engraining into us this spirit, which is now one of my KEYs to success, greatness and leadership. Excellence, along with a healthy dose of fearlessness and lots of love and support is why I have been able to live my dreams, literally. Excellence was NOT about being perfect, but it was about doing everything in my power to be better and do better than I thought I could and others thought was even possible.

Damali and I had a very real conversation with our ladies this week about the mission and purpose of Petals-N-Belles. We reiterated our commitment not only to the organization but our commitment to them. We have committed ourselves to being a resource of excellence and opportunity. More than anything, we want to provide all that has been provided for us and, when needed, be the extra push, the extra hand and the voice that makes realizing their dreams and potential possible. Living out our dreams is not something done alone. Discovering that we have a dream and knowing what those dreams are is something that starts with being inspired. Doing what needs to be done in order for those dreams to become reality takes hard work, love, support and team work. Nothing that I have done has been done alone. I’ve had help EVERY step of the way.

As the mission states, Petals-N-Belles has been designed to empower, inspire and cultivate young women, but in order to do this, our young women must WANT all that we are ready to give them. And what we give them, they have to choose to use to grow and develop into the young women they want to be. This is the choice we have given them. It is one of the biggest decisions we have pushed them to make.

In middle school I was apart of an after school program funded by the YWCA. Looking back, being apart of this program was one of those life-changing experiences. The kind that I’m sure I’ll never forget. The conversations had with the women who ran the program were some that changed and shaped me. The program was called CHOICES. Their tag line: “The choices you make, dictate the life you lead”. For me, this saying serves as a reminder that our lives are all about choice and the power to choose always lies in our hands. Yes, there are circumstances and situations we come across that may be beyond our control but at every point we have a choice. We often have to choose how we will deal with the hand that life has dealt us, the path(s) we will travel and the steps we will take AND those we will allow to join in our journey or those who we will allow to lead and follow. We choose to win, we choose not be defeated when we don’t, we choose to succeed. We choose who we become.

I pose this question to all those reading, especially my young women, who do you want to be and what choices are you going to make today that will shape your tomorrow? What will you choose right NOW?


“Strive to be better than you think you are.”- Ella Louise Pruden Jackson aka Aunt Louise

Classy Teen Fashion

I get it! Girls want to look GREAT! Unbeknownst to many, fashion is a huge part of etiquette…social etiquette. A few weeks ago, we did a session with our girls on decorum and social etiquette, the session was informative, fun and relevant.

Now that summer is here and the weather is beautiful, everyone is losing the layers and revealing more skin to stay cool. Here’s a quick Summer Fashion guide, for teens and young ladies! Be Fashionable, Classy, Funky and Cool!


Mini’s are cool but a little length goes a long way! You don’t have to wear a super short dress to show off your legs and tan. Find a classy medium! Here’s an example, I love this  Xoxo print dress. On sale now, at for $50.99.

Fashion Tip: Wear cool Prints!

Don’t be afraid of Length! If all of your dresses are short or knee length your style becomes very predictable. Maxi Dresses are trendy. Another great find from, junior section, $46.00.

Every young lady needs a cute dress that’s family friendly, parent approved and good for all occasions. Like this amazing yellow flutter sleeve dress $48 found at


Why soooooo short and why sooooo tight?? Try a high waist print skirt, with more length and match it with a cropped loose tee. Fun and Cute! At this point, you can tell I like Nordstrom’s, this skirt is $22.00… great price!


So many young women focus on being sexy and less on having FUN with what they wear!

Make a statement and tell the world who you are, by choosing clothes and outfits that vividly express your personality. The young ladies I mentor are energetic and fun. This top screams, I am fun & confident!


I love shoes, especially flats because they are soooo  comfortable. Walking in heels can be a challenge! The best transition and secret from sneakers to heels are….WEDGES! Wedges are comfortable, you don’t have to balance your weight on thin heels. I LOVE wedges because they are great in New York City, where the pavement and sidewalks have many surprises, that can make any stiletto professional take a dive. Steve Madden “Wissper Wedges” are super cute. Price$89.95.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. Many more to come! P.S. There is no perfect size or body type! Be yourself, be confident and make sure your character speaks more for you than your outfit!


 Damali Elliott

Passionate Advocate!

President & Founder

The above post is NOT an advertisement or promotional tool for the mentioned brands/items.

Internships & Dreams

All the young ladies I work with and meet have a DREAM. I love this! Dreams lead to purpose and fulfillment. To top it off, dreamers that are filled will passion and have a relentless attitude are unstoppable!  Lately, I’ve noticed a separation between young dreamers and their dreams. They seem to think dreams come into fruition at a certain age. This is false. “Once I get into college, I’ll start pursing it,” “I’m too young, no one will take me seriously,” “ I don’t know where to start,”… and the list goes on. Read More

Tweet’s Sparkled & POPPED!

Petals-N-Belles Twitter followers engaged in a discussion lending their voices via passionate tweets, for every young woman who’ needs advice on developing self-esteem!

“Remember to stay true to the woman you intend to be. Hold yourself in high standards and listen to you. You are special. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. God made you great and buried that greatness inside you. It’s Easier Said than Done…But NEVER Compare Yourself to OTHERS-AIM to BE THE BEST You!! Learn that God gave you your own personal SMILE…. Read More

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