24* This is Merely The Beginning!

I was asked to dream from a whisper, which I could have ignored but choose not to. The dream became a reality; Petals-N-Belles was created. How often do we see young ladies filled with potential but unable to recognize the gifts that they have? Our purpose is to illuminate their gifts, talents and dreams!

On this day, THREE months and eleven days late on my time-line, yet right on time, Petals-N-Belles begins it’s journey to inspire young women! 24!“Twenty four” awesome young women ♥ have enrolled in Petals-N-Belles and this is literally a dream come true! Read More

A welcome to THE ONES.

Elated is a strong word, but it’s not strong enough to convey the joy that Damali and I felt today. It has been quite a journey, getting to this point with Petals-N-Belles and some of it I missed as I joined Damali towards the end of our first phase. Petals-N-Belles is now moving into it’s next phase and, for us, THE BEST PHASE because in one week, we will begin with our first group of mentees.

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The world expects women to be many things - classy, confident, soft spoken, elegant, loving, sweet, nurturing, and everything in between. The most important woman in my life says above all, a woman must be dignified! This woman is none other than Dahlia Akua Elliott, my mother and a mirror to all that I am striving to be. Everything my mother has ever told me is literally stored away in my personal vault, somewhere between my mind and my heart.

I have learned that dignity is a combination of self-love, confidence and maturity. It’s a decision and a way of life, but like all things, a work in progress. Growing up, I recall so many stories, but this one stands out most. My mom and I were enjoying shopping in Lord & Taylor and in the very narrow isles, I noticed a woman standing behind my mom and waiting to pass. I nudged my mother telling her the lady needed to get by. She looked at me, then looked at the woman and softly said. “Thank you Damali, but I’ll wait for her to say ‘Excuse me.’” I remember being confused but quietly accepting my mother’s stance. I was taught to always say ‘Excuse me’ when someone was in the way, and never to expect someone else to respond to a silent request. Shortly after, the woman said ‘Excuse me’ and my mother and I kindly got out of her way.

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Monday, March 1, 2011

As we enter into the third month of the new year, we also enter into a month of celebration. While we make and celebrate out histories everyday, March, Women’s History Month, has been dedicated to honoring the legacies of the history makers and trail blazers who have come before us. Today Petals-N-Belles pays tribute not only to the many women who have come before us, but also to the women who stand amongst us, in the present, and those whose greatness is to come after us. Read more on how we will be celebrating Women’s History through the month of March here.

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