24* This is Merely The Beginning!

I was asked to dream from a whisper, which I could have ignored but choose not to. The dream became a reality; Petals-N-Belles was created. How often do we see young ladies filled with potential but unable to recognize the gifts that they have? Our purpose is to illuminate their gifts, talents and dreams!

On this day, THREE months and eleven days late on my time-line, yet right on time, Petals-N-Belles begins it’s journey to inspire young women! 24!“Twenty four” awesome young women ♥ have enrolled in Petals-N-Belles and this is literally a dream come true!

I set out to start Petals-N-Belles which involved working with five amazing young ladies who inspired me to bring this dream into fruition. These young ladies confirmed the need for a supportive environment, which allowed them to find solutions and learn about themselves. An environment, where they gave and received advice from their peers; while having a positive, passionate role model facilitate the process. The young ladies remained focused and walked away with a tangible lesson to apply to their life.

Change a Perspective, Change a Life” is an adage that applies to everyone! I created this adage for Petals-N-Belles because I understand that true empowerment comes from within and requires taking responsibility for every aspect of your life. I don’t have the power to take responsibility for the lives of my mentee’s/members of Petals-N-Belles. I can’t make choices for them or prevent the choices they have made, from impacting their lives.  What I can do, is show young women limitless possibilities and their true potential by showing them the world, outside of their neighborhoods, schools, and regular activities. Ultimately, this will change their perception and change the level on which they dream.

How can someone want or aspire to achieve something they have not seen, touched or experienced.  The plan is to engage young women and all of their senses allowing their imagination to soar, touching their dreams, realizing their power and changing their attitude from “that will never be me” to “WOW, there is nothing I can’t achieve.” These young ladies can accomplish anything and become bigger than their dreams. The question is whether or not they are being encouraged to dream?  For those that are dreaming, is it in black & white, color or Imax 3D? The launch of Petals-N-Belles is bigger than this moment! The launch of Petals-N-Belles is geared to every young woman today and generations to come!

By showing young ladies the world, this also means introducing young women to the many successful, beautiful and powerful women that once stood in their shoes. Women that remember what it means to be a girl! Feeling insecure, losing and gaining friends as you grow, learning about love and having parents that may care but absolutely do not understand or connect with the problems young women face.  I imagine women from all walks of life reflecting, remembering and connecting with the young women of Petals-N-Belles. Ultimately, building a bridge strong enough for every girl to cross while making the transition into womanhood, exceeding the expectations we (mentors, parents and the world) have placed on them.

Every young lady is a dreamer, leader and agent of change! Petals-N-Belles is designed specifically for young women, all young women… to grow, reach their full potential and impact the world while living their dreams! Join Petals-N-Belles and support our efforts to change the perspective of our members, giving them the power to change their lives! Let’s show young ladies the world, perfection mixed with imperfection and limitless possibilities!
Passionate Advocate!
Damali Elliott
Founder & President

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About Damali

Through determination to make a mark in the lives of others, Damali Elliott has sought to bring her vision of helping, guiding and nurturing young women to life. Blessed with exceptional family & friends, she is firmly committed to creating a similar supportive environment through Petals-N-Belles.
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